Our Story

Design is thinking made visible
Saul Bass

Our association with the jewellery trade now spans three generations, at the very start we worked in the background, supplying the trade only.

Fed up with other retailers getting the glory for our designs & work we took the decision to come out from behind the door and sell our jewellery under our own brand, after all we know how good our product is so there was no reason not make it available directly from us

Our craftsmen are some of the finest the United Kingdom has to offer, this is evident in every piece of jewellery we make.

Our jewellery may cost you a little more than the mass produced jewellery that is regularly seen, but we do not know any other way to make it, call us old fashioned but buying a piece of diamond jewellery will always be an important purchase, something we understand and would never take for granted, we are proud to call our finished pieces generation jewellery, words that speak for themselves.

We are based in London and have been designing & making beautiful jewellery and continually coming up with stunning designs and making our returning clients happy for years.

Unlike other jewellers we never pressurise our clients to purchase something, for us it is all about the experience of buying something rare and beautiful, we have extensive knowledge and are happy to spend time with our clients in order to explain all the finer details of any potential purchase, giving them the comfort that they have bought a piece of jewellery that has been made correctly with thought and understanding how it should be constructed.

We do not rely on other makers here in the UK or abroad who have neither the skill or understanding of how jewellery should be made, which can lead to potential problems as times goes by.

Don’t buy a price buy a piece of jewellery from professionals.

That’s us, Lauder Jewellers.