Bespoke Making

Being designers and makers we offer a bespoke jewellery making service, if you have a particular  design in mind with specific stones, diamonds, coloured stones , pearls or you are simply looking for suggestions we can help you.

The very thought may sound daunting , you should not worry as we have the expertise to help you, we will guide you through the entire process, from sourcing and choosing the stones, the initial conceptual design, the final design, post production and finally the finished piece.

Another source for your stones could come from an old and otherwise unworn item of jewellery, if you have any un-loved pieces hiding away at the back of a drawer or in your safe, we can make suggestions in how to get the best use out of them, how they can be re-invented into a new and exciting piece of jewellery for you to wear and enjoy.

All you have to do is either call or email us to book an appointment to come in for an informal chat, and then let the process begin.