Our Skills

Steeped in the tradition of making jewellery by hand, we have not ventured to far away from this time honoured skill.

We have embraced the new technology available to us today and harnessed the two together to enable us to create even more elaborate designs with even more detailed finishes than ever before.

Each new design is considered on an individual basis, in order to decide in which format it would be best suited to be made in.

However, even if the piece of jewellery in question is produced using modern technology it will still go through our workshop and be assembled & finished by hand, in fact one simple piece of jewellery can handled by up to five different sets of hands before completion.

We would not do this essential part of the process in any other way.

At every stage of production ,every part of the process is monitored carefully on an individual basis to ensure that we deliver the finished piece exactly as we promised and as you expected.

Our craftsmen are some of the finest the UK has to offer, this is evident in every piece of jewellery we make, it may cost you a little more than the mass produced jewellery regularly seen, but buying a piece of diamond jewellery will always be an important purchase, something we understand and would never take for granted, we call our finished pieces generation jewellery.