As far back as 3500bc, people in Mesopotamia began using signet seals, in ancient Egypt pharaohs & nobles used signet rings made of stone, these rings where flat on one side with an ornately inscribed design with both symbols & hieroglyphic writing.

In medieval times, people in office used signet rings to sign & seal their letters, this proved that they were authentic & prevented forgeries & tampering. During the reign of King Edward II it was decided that all official government documents had to bear the seal of the kings signet ring.

Today signet rings are worn as personalised jewellery, in most cases using a family crest, while others use their initials. Shown here is our collection of signet rings styles, some are seal engraved, some with initials and others with surface family crest engravings.

We make in 9ct, 14ct & 18ct gold ,in all colours including yellow, rose & white ,as well as sterling silver. On this page is a selection of our most popular shapes & sizes, if however you are looking for a design that is not shown we can help,let us have your individual requirements and we will prepare a price and delivery time for you.

Not shown is a slightly smaller oval signet ring which measure 11mm x 9mm, the current price in 9ct gold excluding any engraving is £500.00.

If you are looking to make a multiple purchase we can offer reduced prices from the figures shown, please contact us to discuss in more detail.

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